Anbinik Kakadu Resort, Jabiru, NT, 2015

Anbinik – formerly LakeviewPark – has been 100%-owned and operated by DjabulukguAssociation since 1996.

Prior to this Stage2-expansion, Anbinik offered only a budget-range-of-accommodation, for the self-catering-market. Now delivered is 3½-star ensuited-accommodation, and a new welcoming-space, café-facility, pool and site-commons space for a new face and expanded amenity.

Anbinik’s now emerges from the savannah-bush-setting of JabiruDrive, integrating a drop-off for tourist and local coaches.

The Welcome-journey is from the dry-savannah into a lusher/shadier landscape-of-respite – from creek-line into Gorge.

The reception-café-zone is framed by an elevated GrandVerandah, with a sitting-edge above the Commons, an open area alive with water and activity, like a wetland-billabong.

14 new ‘Anbinik Suites’ are strewn down pathways – duplexes in a tropical garden setting. Each integrates outdoor-verandahs complete with daybeds – and bathrooms open fully to private-courts, replete with local stories. They are fitted-out with savannah-patterned ceilings and local Injalak-screen-printed fabrics.

Throughout, materials are of Djabulukgu ken – timber-and-tin (often-recycled) with raw-steel and reeds.

Anbinik is named for the giant spreading allosyncarpia of the sandstone-gorge-country that emerges from ArnhemLand into Kakadu. It is its own genus, and a potent symbol for the ongoing-strength of this Djabulukgu enterprise, which supports community-development-programs and offers sustainable employment opportunities.

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