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Cafe Troppo, Whitmore Square (Ivaritji), Adelaide, SA, 2012

City of Adelaide Prize 2014

"When I first heard the name ‘Cafe Troppo’ I envisaged an equatorial jungle paradise where a small monkey-man on roller skates makes you fruity ice cream sundaes that you eat out of a toucan’s beak. What I discovered, however, was something even beer: the tastiest coff ee the southwest of CBD has to offer. And without the risk of amoebic dysentery! In addition to this, rather than supporting some kind of animal slave trade, rife at the café version which I had imagined, by going to Cafe Troppo you are partaking in a sustainably focussed meal made with local ingredients that are seasonable and organic.

Accordingly, the menu changes on a daily basis. At lunch time one has a choice of a variety of salads, soups, pastas, pizzas and pies; while on Thursday and Friday evenings Troppo stays open late to provide you with fresh, fl avour exploding tapas and wine. The interior is rustic and recycled. Kinda feels like your cool aunt’s kitchen in the country… if your cool aunt’s kitchen was also a shop. Cafe Troppo looks good, feels friendly, and tastes yum. In other words, wander on down to Whitmore Square and check it out!"

Sujini Ramamurthy

The Thousands

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