Henley Square, SA, 2015

The TCL+Troppo rework of Henley Square rediscovers the bones of the old Square, removing the obstacles of successive interventions through the 80s.

We now promote engagement with the foreshore and reinforce the much-loved village character of the Square. Shade and protection are crucial elements at the seaside, and they’ve been carefully considered.

The beach is now backed by a big lawn, a playful plaza, a generous terracing to the beach, and an inventive ‘ripple lounge’ which provides extended jetty connection. Whimsical beach-showers are practical, too. Design here is measured in how it can further contribute to the celebration of beach life.

This is not the place for serious highbrow gestures, but a site for playful opportunities that offer new outlooks. Open lawns are host to ball-play, picnicking, art and events. A promenade circuit allows for evening passegiata – an event in itself. 

The permeable plaza is again a true (and grand) meeting place, with venues in which to pause and be entertained by the passing parade.

This is a choreography of people and place. It responds to the shifting shapes and moods of Henley Square. It acknowledges the past, embraces the present, and provides flexibility to anticipate future possibilities.

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