Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, North Qld, 2002

National RAIA Robin Boyd Award, 2002
Robin Dods RAIA (Qld) Award, 2002
Sustainable Architecture Award, RAIA (Qld), 2002

Under a Thiess construction management contract, Troppo worked in association with Bligh Voller Nield to deliver 1,000 new precinct-based live-in accommodation units and 3 new messes - cum village centres.  The project was characterised by its response to the gritty, rugged and demanding nature of Army lifestyle: this is about ‘Army Army Army’!

Significant density was required to achieve the required numbers of accommodation units and urban design guidelines were developed to inform the process of site design.  The three messes formed a community centre for each of the three accommodation precincts: the social hub.

Despite its utilitarian purpose constrained budget and constructor-led delivery, it has been awarded at regional, state and national levels for both housing and sustainability.

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