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Park Lands Design Guidelines, Adelaide, SA

‘Design Guidelines for the Adelaide Park Lands’ is a significant document completed with Oxigen (landscape Architects) in 2009 for the Adelaide City Council,

The document sets guidelines for community groups in their redevelopment of existing sporting facility sites within the Park Lands. The guidelines are underlaid by ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Design) principles that consider life-cycle costing, embodied energy, stormwater management, water and energy conservation – and above all the tenet that ‘Less is More’.

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles, and consideration for diverse users (including the dog on a walk) and public safety are also embodied into the guidelines.

Above all, they seek to minimise the scale, and to better ‘naturalise’ redevelopment. In this way, within the diverse Park Land areas, architecture and siteworks are expected to reflect the texture of ‘place’ – and to age gracefully.

A suite of small structures were also devised to be included in the ACC’s Urban Elements Catalogue.