Anangu Pitjantjatjura Yankujatjura Bathroom & Kitchen Modules, 2009-14

Now in our 15th year working in the APY, we’re finally getting down to real tin-tacks: the plug-on bathroom and kitchen.

Thse projects, of great potential, respond to the acute shortage of decent housing in Aboriginal Australia – where so often the ‘health hardware’ of houses is inadequate and/ or in disrepair, often a result of ill-fitting initial construction and pressures brought on by housing shortage.

The bathroom module is built tough using a preferred but always improving portable system that integrates pre-stressed concrete slab and steel framing. Simple, proven, durable services are integrated. Trial bathrooms have been installed and are being evaluated for a future roll out.

The kitchen project is in prototype form, is of robust construction and detailed for ease of cleaning and protection of storage areas form dogs and vermin. Services fittings are for long-term durability. Its a long way to the hardware shop form eth APY Lands!

Both project sarer developed with Paul Pholeros, and the kitchen with industrial designer, Christian Tietz.