We love the opportunity to think about and make small things. The bush dunny, the beach shelter, the love tent.  And to think about the small things in a large project.  The bike park in the village centre, the shade structure at the city waterfront.

Troppo has also always used small scale residential work, as well as temporary structures or theatre sets, as an opportunity to explore ideas. 

Of architecture, someone famous (Mies van der Rohe) some time (early 1900s) said: ‘God is in the details’. We agree, but add, not for details’ sake alone – it’s the Little Things that we touch feel and operate that offer the real opportunity for joy in our interaction with architecture. The handrail we touch, the shutter rope we pull, the cabinet door handle we grab, the high window that finds the moon...

Larapinta Trail Campsite  - West McDonnell National Park, NT, 2016

Larapinta Trail Campsite - West McDonnell National Park, NT, 2016

Light/house  - Adelaide, SA, 2000

Light/house - Adelaide, SA, 2000

National Portrait Gallery  - Canberra, ACT, 2009

National Portrait Gallery - Canberra, ACT, 2009

Dave & Robyns Sideways Verandah  - Middleton, SA, 2009

Dave & Robyns Sideways Verandah - Middleton, SA, 2009

Hard Tents  - Mortijinup National Park, WA, 2011

Hard Tents - Mortijinup National Park, WA, 2011

Foods for Life Parklet  - Adelaide, SA, 2013

Foods for Life Parklet - Adelaide, SA, 2013

Ball Turnball  - Cape Otway, Vic, 2002

Ball Turnball - Cape Otway, Vic, 2002