Hard Tents, Mortijinup National Park, WA, 2011

Mortijinup Nature Reserve near Esperance in SW Western Australia is a registered site under the international RAMSAR Convention to protect migratory wetland bird breeding sites.  Here a  low coastal heathland studded with wildflowers in season includes a huge diversity of flora.  Working with the Department of Environment & Conservation Troppo is acting as an Architect-developer in the restoration of a run-down pastoral property which adjoins the reserve.

Following intensive re-planting, here a low-key eco-tourism operation is about to begin. It will be based on the Ken Latona (Bay of Fires) principle of getting people out of their cars and into Country – and to start walking!  In addition to the wetland reserve, the locality includes coastal dunes, secluded beaches and littoral forests.

The proposed, immensely affordable (Architects are under-funded!) ‘Hard Tents’ will afford lean but memorable accommodation in secluded individual, natural settings – a marriage between intimate landscape and serviceable shelter.  
Stage 1 is for 10 precinect-based units.