Darwin City Revitalisation Project, NT, 2011

The pedestrianised section of Smith Street (The Smith Street Mall) was last upgraded over ten years ago.   This project identifies key components that could make substantial improvement to the use and commercial viability of the important urban space.  The client, Darwin City Council, provides the 

precedent of the recent upgrade to the Darwin Entertainment Centre as a standard and example of the regional identity they wish to capture within the city generally.  The key components of the revitalisation project include:

Removing ‘clutter’ to open the Mall up to increased pedestrian traffic and open up views to the sea.

Upgrading existing shade structures to become key ‘event’ spaces in the CBD as well as give  identity and character to them.

Introduction of a central row of large shade trees with new seating nodes.

Introduction of compact children’s play equipment (a ‘play trail’).  Taking out the ‘suburban style’ existing structures.

Creating a shaded al-fresco dining space off existing building overlooking raintree park with lightweight self supporting awing structures.

Redesigning Raintree park to provide better connections and opportunities, keeping of course the 2 iconic raintrees and fig that identify and provide attractiveness and coolness to the place.